3 Games That You Should Play on Your Playstation Now!

3 Games That You Should Play on Your Playstation Now!

If you happen to missed previous week’s info, Playstation 4 games have ultimately been added onto the Playstation Now service, even though you may still find a few critics believe that the $20 price tag is not worth it for cloud streaming, it provides pentiful chance for those that don’t have a big PS4 hard disk or library, or even better, want to play a few Sony classics on their windows computer.

You can find only a few games available at the present time, but Sony has assured that more are going to be added in the future, and PS3 games will likewise stay on Playstation Now, presenting some terrific benefits to people tend to pick in for its membership program.

So are the Playstation 4 games on the Playstation Now service truly worth looking over? Yeah, as there are a selection of excellent games available for you to play. As the matter of fact, here are five suggestions that you can check out when you join, either by purchasing a membership or providing the currently-offered seven-day free membership a try.

God of War III: Remastered

Although we are win patience waiting for the release of the brand-new God of War next year, you can play one of Kratos’ very best adventures on the PS4 right now – and it is a beauty. God of War III: Remastered hasn’t seemed better, with lovely, jaw-dropping visuals that in some way deliver his world to life, combined with kind of visceral game-play you have come to hope from a Kratos adventure.


The developers in Housemarque are generally really busy with projects lately, namely with its fascinating twin-stick shooter called Nex Machina, which many people recommend. But one other vintage that’s truly worth our time is Resogun, a lovely shooter that plays a tad similar to the old-school game Defender, but with several distinctive twists. You will battle your way through twisting stages, saving people and wiping out enemies while making the effort to build the greatest score you can. as sson as you finish a level, everything altogether detonates, while you fly in the debris.

3 Games That You Should Play on Your Playstation Now! 2

WWE 2K16

Although we are only a few months away from the release of WWE 2K18, you can receive your wrestling fix today with WWE 2K16, which carries a really robust collection of older wrestling favorites and current stars, such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Although the controls have gotten far better in next games, this one’s nevertheless truly worth considering for its loaded roster and excellent multiplayer features. Furthermore, there are many faces in it that are not around anymore.

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