Suggested Mottos for Other Law Blogs

When I created this blog, I struggled to decide what its motto should be. I considered a number of possibilities (among them, “Building a Ladder to Heaven” and “Not Affiliated with Princeton Law School“)  before deciding upon “Another Law Blog, Dedicated to Old Law Stuff, Mostly.”

Scanning the web, I noticed that many other law blogs either lack mottos altogether, or bear catchphrases that don’t perfectly capture the sites’ content. And so, I humbly propose the following slogans for some other law blogs (all of which I enjoy):

The Faculty Lounge

Your Go-To Source for Breaking News About Confederate Monuments and Eugenics Experiments

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports

F*** You, Volokh Conspiracy


Please Don’t Judge Us by Our Website’s Hideously Ugly Color Scheme

 TaxProf Blog

Surprisingly Interesting, at Least as Compared to Tax Law

Above The Law

Get to Know Our Commenters Before You Meet Them in Hell

Concurring Opinions

Check out the Pretty, Pretty Logos of Many Leading Law Reviews


The True Winner of the ACA Litigation

The Volokh Conspiracy

The Constitution May Not Endorse Spencer’s Social Statics, But We Do

How Appealing

Legal News for People with Short Attention Spans 

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