The Holiday Shopping Guide

If you’re anything like me, holiday shopping can prove quite the struggle. What to get that special barrister or solicitor in your life? I’ve found that there’s no substitute for planning ahead. And so, while it’s still early, you might take a gander at these gifts for your lawyerly loved one:

From CharityBuzz:

Want to have lunch with Gloria Allred? How about Erwin Chemerinsky? Submit your bids at the online charity-auction site, CharityBuzz. But hurry: Bidding ends on November 14 for the Allred lunch, and on November 15 for the Chemerinsky soiree. And be prepared to open up your checkbook: The estimated value of the Allred lunch is $5,000. The Chemerinsky lunch is a relative bargain, with an estimated value of $2,000.

Another item up for bidding on the same site: a beer with The Most Interesting Man In the World. One wonders whether TMIMITW’s title means that he’s an expert in the law, or has assiduously avoided the topic.


This online auction site is, as always, a gold mine of law-themed gifts. How about a copy of Justice Ginsburg’s dissent in Bush v. Gore, signed by Justice Ginsburg herself ($1,000)? Or this antique Georgian gavel ($750)? Or a complete set of United States Supreme Court chief justice figurines ($300)? Or a letter from Dwight Eisenhower to his brother, indirectly expressing regret about his nomination of Earl Warren to the United States Supreme Court ($6000)?

Auction Houses:

If eBay isn’t your style, law-related items will go under the hammer at some other auction houses over the next month. For example, on November 2 Bonham’s in London will host a neat motoring-memorabilia auction. Among the items up for bids: a copy of the 1896 (January-June) Illustrated Journal of the Patent Office (UK). According to the write-up, the Journal “includes many mechanical and engineering patents, for bicycles, chains, velocipedes, drainage, electrical systems, corsets, nose-bags, neck-ties, and of course motorcars, motorcycles and other road vehicles, a fascinating and well-illustrated read.”

Better yet, over at Heritage Auctions, items up for bid on November 22 include this “Votes for Women” suffragist pennant; an admission pass to Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial; and an enormous collection of old Presidential campaign buttons, badges, pendants, ribbons, pitchers, bandannas, snuff boxes, novelty coffins, stickpins, and other election memorabilia. Submit the winning bid, and you could take home a collection of President Obama’s poetry; a William Jennings Bryan silver bug or William McKinley gold bug; dueling Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison mechanical chairs; a John Quincy Adams thread box; or even Gerald Ford’s golf clubs.

Hammacher Schlemmer:

Finally, of course SkyMall staple Hammacher Schlemmer was going to appear somewhere in this post. For $799.95 you can buy The Barrister’s Chess Set, with judges as kings, lady justice as queens, attorneys as bishops, bailiffs as knights, towers of books as rooks, and jurors as pawns.

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