Law Blogs Just Outside of the ABA Journal Top 100

This past week, the ABA Journal announced its annual “Blawg 100,” a list of the 100 “top” law blogs on the World Wide Web. Here are a few of the law blogs that missed the cut:

The Becker-Posner-Dahmer Blog

The Blog Where a White, Male, Conservative Law Professor Acknowledges that Although He’s Somewhat Marginalized in the Legal Academy, He’s Still Pretty Privileged, So, You Know, It’s All Good

Awesome Stuff Law Students Could Buy with the Money They Don’t Have Because of Their Crippling Law-School Tuition Payments

SCROTUMblog: The Weekly Recap of Embarrassing Autocorrect Errors Found in Legal Opinions

Kathleen Sullivan’s Bar Exam Tips

Sou-weet: David Souter’s Cavalcade of Fine Retirement Living

ERISAddicts — A Group Blog in Which First-Semester, First-Year Law Students Opine on ERISA Preemption

S&*! My Tenured Law Professor Says

Scalia on Tact


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