Dear DefiantLawProfzz Co-Bloggers,

I write the six of you, distinguished law professors all, for two reasons. First, it’s been exactly three years since we launched DefiantLawProfzz, Since that fateful day, when we began “Speaking Truth to Power Through WordPress 2.0,” we’ve had some wonderful times. Like our online symposium on Kiobel, or our other online symposium on Kiobel.  It’s been a great run, and I want to take a step back and applaud our many achievements.

Second, you’re all deadwood, and I hate you all so very, very much.

Allow me to explain. When we started this blog, we all promised to contribute new posts at least three times a month. Javier, you said this would be “no problem.” Stacy, I remember you suggested four posts, or even five as a monthly minimum. Funny, that. I don’t remember seeing any new posts from either of your lazy asses since August 2011. Not that the rest of you are much better.

At first, I hoped that your abandonment of DefiantLawProfzz would prove only temporary. And so, I lined up a slate of guest-bloggers. And then another. And then another.  Having  exhausted the supply of law professors, I have had to turn to other sources. My desperation has now reached the point that I’m recruiting our Brazilian spam commenters  as substantive guest bloggers.

But so far, they have refused. And so it has fallen to me, and to me alone, to keep DefiantLawProfzz afloat. It is a lonely task. I am not proud of all the posts I have had to cobble together to ensure a consistent flow of site content. I had no choice but to initiate recurring posts such as “Best Law Blog Week Ever,” “Questions I Asked in Class Today,” “What Number Am I Thinking Of?,” and “Name this French and Indian War Monument.”

So, let me end with this ultimatum. I want new co-bloggers. I think I can get them, provided that they’re not relegated to permanent “guest-blogger” status. And so, if you do not resign as co-bloggers by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, or at least permit me to unilaterally add new co-bloggers to the site, I am outing each of you as Republicans who voted for Romney. Seriously. Don’t make me do this.

Best Regards,

Winthrop Livingston III

Thomas Q. Frockenthau Professor of Law

Northern Alaska Law School

* * *

At the risk of breaching all sorts of law-blogger etiquette, I recently noted that on most of the “leading” group law blogs, the “Authors” identified on the blog’s masthead don’t post with equal frequency. This observation got me wondering: How do established “group” law blogs deal with the fact that some of the professors listed on their mastheads simply don’t write posts any longer?

This problem happens. According to one leading group blog’s “search by author” function, one of the eleven “Authors” listed on the blog’s masthead has contributed only seven posts to the site since January 1, 2010. I am certain that other group blogs have similar issues, but lack a search function that permits ready quantification of the issue.

Do the authors of these blogs enter into a compact upon the site’s creation, whereby none of the founders can be removed for failing to contribute to the effort? If not, are there standards for retiring a nonproductive co-author? Or, as a lesser measure, for an intervention to get them to up their production?

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