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My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time online. For me to have any chance of succeeding, I have to give up a few things. This blog, unfortunately, is one of them.

I never intended this blog to continue forever, so I am fine with cutting it off before it becomes a chore. That said, I have enjoyed posting here over the past two years, and may consider returning through some other venue in the future.

I don’t presume that this blog has been useful, much less influential. I have no idea how many site visitors it received, since I never really cared. But I have appreciated the occasional e-mail from individuals who stumbled across a post they liked, and e-mailed me to let me know as much. If you are one of these people, thank you.

Posted below are links to some of my favorite posts from the past two years. For classification purposes, I have divided them into posts where I wasn’t trying to be helpful (mostly attempts at humor), and those where I was trying to be just a little bit helpful.

Unhelpful Posts:

Handicapping the Possible Purchasers of SCOTUSblog Breaking News: Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Term “Crammed With Blockbuster Cases,” Say Incredibly Biased People Breaking News: Coase’s Heirs Accept $100 to Hold Nobel Laureate’s Funeral Elsewhere

The Ultimate Dissent

Is the United States Government Conducting Surveillance on You? A Handy Chart

Which Supreme Court Justice Are You? A Personality Quiz Breaking News: SCOTUSblog Unveils Plan to “Eliminate the ‘Middle Man,’ ” Start Issuing Own Opinions

A Law-School Advertisement of the Near Future

Suggested Mottos for Other Law Blogs

Excerpts from Some Other Highly Critical Recent Book Reviews by Judge Richard Posner

Top Ten Rejected Blog Posts on the Supreme Court’s ACA Decision Breaking News: Husbands and Wives of Nation’s Constitutional Law Professors Collectively File for Divorce

Changes I Should Make to My CV, in Light of the Elizabeth Warren Kerfuffle

The Non Curat Lex Home Quiz for Law Professor Narcissistic Delusion

Admittedly Dumb Idea (Number One): The Proffie Awards

Fun With the Westlaw JLR Database

The Affordable Care Act USSC Oral Argument, If Hollywood Had Scripted It

The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Indexed to Franklin, Rabin & Green’s Tort Law and Alternatives

Posts in Which I Was Trying to Be a Little Helpful:

Autonomous Vehicles and the Vaccine Analogy

Photographs of Segregated Southern Bus Facilities, circa 1960

“Not all analogies are created equal,” and Florida v. Jardines

What Will Get a Police Officer Decertified? Records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Is the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts Really “Particularly Immoral”?

Some Thoughts on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

From the Reagan Presidential Library: Glue sniffing? Did you have sex in high school or junior high? Do you buy or sell pornography? The (Draft) Background-Check Questionnaire and Other Documents Relating to the Kennedy Nomination Devil’s Advocate Corner: Why You Shouldn’t Become a Law Professor

You Can’t Always Choose Your Talents: William Rehnquist, The Novelist

From the Library of Congress: Warren Burger Gives Some Advice to Harry Blackmun; William Rehnquist Says Blackmun is a “Meh” Writer

Advice for Interviewing for a Prosecutor Position

Ghosts and the Color Line: The Drafting of the Restatement (Second) of Torts

Shepard v. United States: On Remand

Update (12/31): Just to complete the set, here are a few less-awful posts from the times when CoOp was desperate enough for material to host me as a guest-blogger:

Adventures on the Back of the Envelope, Part III: What’s the Hardest Federal Crime to Prove? 

Adventures on the Back of the Envelope, Part II: Warring Definitions of “Probable Cause” 

Adventures on the Back of the Envelope: Katz v. United States and the Popularization of the Phrase “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”

Excerpts from My Upcoming Book, The Law Student’s Guide to Being on Call (Part I of II)

Recent Unsent E-mails from Antonin Scalia to Richard Posner, as Retrieved from Justice Scalia’s “Deleted E-Mail” Files

Hammontree v. Jenner: The Rest of the Story

The Annals of Article Placement

Ye Olde Professor’s Guide to Building an Exam Curve

Sandusky’s Law

A Guide to the Eight Most Suspect Types of Law Review Articles

Summers v. Tice: The Rest of the Story

“Mad Men” Meets Prosser?










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