Re-Post: Hammontree and Katz Documents

For those of you Torts and Criminal Procedure professors out there who are pulling together material for your first classes of the semester, I thought I’d re-post links to the original court documents in Hammontree v. Jenner (the first case in the Franklin, Rabin, Green text Tort Law and Alternatives) and Katz v. United States (the first case in some Criminal Procedure casebooks). Especially in first-year Torts, I’ve found that showing students the underlying court documents helps demystify the litigation process enormously.

Also, you can go here for a photograph I took of the intersection and storefront involved in Hammontree, albeit 45 years after the fact. (The Hammontrees’ bike and hobby shop is now a video store.) Finally, here is a link to a post I wrote a while ago, relating an e-mail conversation I had with one of the attorneys involved in the Hammontree litigation, and conveying some background information regarding the case.

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