A Normal House From The Outside On Reserving A Surprise Inside!

A Normal House From The Outside On Reserving A Surprise Inside!

Today we bring to Poland to discover a luxurious country house, perfectly integrated in a natural setting of great beauty. The style of the house, as we shall see, takes up and integrates modern and traditional characters, an open structure that tends to lead and integrate the external environment and the interior, in a synthesis of elegance and comfort, practical and comfortable at the same time. Follow us.


The exterior of the house are characterized by clean and crisp lines and a palette of soft, neutral colors. The design is modern, but able to fit into the natural landscape https://www.solasbars.com. The two-story structure, closed from the large terrace allows you to take advantage of the vertical space, giving free rein to the large garden development.


Tradition and modernity are a complete synthesis in the interior. As we see, in fact, the property combines the open floor plan with classic furnishings, such as the large L-shaped sofa The room is on two levels in height, widening and making airy environment. The colors, once again, are both classic and neutral ones such as gray and white, but the red that we find in contrast to walls selected.

A variety of materials

The living mixes a great variety of materials. The stone walls of the central wall is combined with the warm tones of the wooden floor, the dark tones of the long tables and dresser. The protagonist is the view of the outside landscape, which enters powerfully into the house through the large windows.

great elegance

The dining room designed by interior designer combines classicism and tradition with contemporary elements, as in transparent polycarbonate chairs that take shape and design of the Louis XV style. The elegance of the environment is characterized by a few touches a white piano, the sequence of three suspension lamps, the lightness of the tent consists of long strings.

An integrated kitchen in the living room

The kitchen is integrated to the whole of the stay. A bar counter serves as a dividing element and the junction between the different areas, in a manner to separate the fresh environment.

One projected into the future style

The kitchen combines intimacy and openness, with a modern style made of shiny forms, in bright steel appliances, LED lights inserted directly into the structure of the ceiling, as if to emphasize lines and organization of space, to project and connect the area in the overall context of house.

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