A Story of Chinese Zodiac Animals

A Story of Chinese Zodiac Animals

A Story of Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Jade Emperor advised the animals that the initial 12 coming into the Palace are the winners and they’d each have a year of their zodiac named after them.

The ox understood that he was dumb, so that he left home at night the day before, it was that he came first the following morning. The next is that the tiger. The next is the bunny. The fourth is that the dragon.

The Jade Emperor picked the ox are the earliest of the 12 zodiac signs, since the ox is the largest one. But rat stated:” I’m the largest one! Should youn’t agree, allow me to walk through the road, see what folks say.” Then the Emperor requested the ox and the rat to arrive at the street. The ox came first, folks were friendly to the ox, but nobody said that he was large. Unexpectedly, the rat jumped onto the ox’s back and folks said:” Look! A large rat! ” . Hence that the rat won. That is why the rat comes first from the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

The moment the dragon jumped from the river, he watched both amazing horns of this rooster. Hence that the dragon chose to borrow the horn from the rooster. Then there arrived a centipede who convince the rooster to give the horns into the dragon and the rooster eventually consented. That is why the dragon has 2 horns.

After a time, the rooster sorrow and requested the dragon to provide the horns backagain. However, the monster jumped into the water and vanished. The rooster can’t swim. He discovered that the centipede and ate it.

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