Androgynous Style, The New Fashion Trend For Summer 2015

Androgynous Style, The New Fashion Trend For Summer 2015

Androgynous style, the new fashion trend for summer 2015 becomes part of the wardrobe of women, influencing many look. A unique style, characterized by large volumes and tailoring, masculine cuts, bold and simple, geometric curves and graphic lines. One way of dressing surprising, minimalist and essential that is depopulating some time on the runways of high fashion and also attracts celebrities of the show.

The androgynous look is reserved for those who love the changes outside the box and want a type of clothing that will amaze maintaining masculine personality and elegance. Women like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich made timeless their innate androgynous side, choosing the right clothes and making it seductive and feminine anyway sevva. Fashion is once again appropriate it, also because of the mood of the moment and the gender bender wardrobe for summer 2015 playing with unisex garments, perfect for her and for him. The style suggested by major fashion brands bet on blazers over, complete impeccable shirts also in chemises and details taken from the wardrobe of him. An expression of great trend that gives almost all that can play and impress with large volumes and bold cuts.

Peeping into summer collections you can not not fall in love with the plush pastel line straight and simple signed Kenzo or cotton skirt with drawstring Rick Owens, to be completed with a pair of modern sneakers superstar signed Adidas. Not to mention a unique garment for a masculine look and sensual at the same time the military jacket with gold profiling of Saint Laurent or the Saharan printed dropping of Faith Connexion. To have an androgynous outfit is necessary to focus both on garments but also accessories, fine details such as a tie or bow tie, strictly black, and even a few funny suspenders are the core elements because you usually associate with humans. Absolutely can not fail to complete the mannish style white shirt with a pointed collar.

Also if you want to impress at a party evening with a smart dress and androgynous, that can give a unique touch is definitely the tuxedo, with double-breasted jacket or a button fitted on the sides, which will follow the normal feminine curves, emphasizing the waist and with accentuated shoulders, otherwise you can also inspire you to beautiful men’s jackets seen on the catwalk for Chanel. The trousers, however, must be broad and narrow at the waist and below, unless you want to give a touch of femininity, worn a pair of heels cleavage instead of classic moccasins to have a more slender figure.

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