Charlotte Gainsbourg Launches Daughter Alice 13 years

Charlotte Gainsbourg Launches Daughter Alice 13 years

In France Charlotte Gainsburg is a national icon. Daughter of the mythical couple Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg (those “” Je t’aime … moi non plus … “) from an early age he chose to protect his three children with the actor and director Yvan Attal, the morbid curiosity of his citizens and the media.

Now Charlotte seems to have changed his mind, and for the new campaign Comptoir des Cotonniers designed by Anne-Valérie Hash, the favorite actress by Lars von Trier poses with his daughter Alice 13 years. It tells of how D Republic, probably the age chosen to be “out” her daughter is not accidental:

“At the same age Charlotte shocked the world by singing with her father Serge, song Lemon Incest accused of” clear “incest. In fact it was just the umpteenth provocation of an incredible artist and out of the norm and in fact Charlotte has taken the song in his album, Charlotte For Ever “.

Mother and daughter, for the campaign were photographed on the streets of Paris and, as shown in the images below, seem to have a great complicity.

Belen Rodriguez, Alessia Marcuzzi: swimsuit Passion

Belen Rodriguez to Alessia Marcuzzi: this summer is not just the bikini to lord it, but also the swimsuit. In a few can afford, among these are certainly the showgirl Argentina and fellow presenter.

It ranges from a single colored black variant to that fantasy. No coincidence Belen and sister Cecilia have inserted in their collection of costumes “I was”, colorful fabrics and cheerful for swimsuits.

Fringe heart-shaped: the latest trend of South Korean girls

A fringe fine with tufts of hair arranged in the shape of heart: This is the latest fashion girls in South Korea. As reported by Cosmopolitan, citing the site Kotaku, the Asian nation would be born this strange trend.

Everything would have started from a picture published by the model Kendall Jenner on Instagram. In the step-sister of Kim Kardashian Aveve hair so arranged as to form so many hearts. This is the reason that would push the girls to copy it.

Tattoo Metallic gold and silver: the trend of summer 2015

Tattoo Metallic gold and silver: the trend of summer 2015. They are beautiful, highlight the tan and give brightness to the skin. To apply them just follow a procedure similar to that of tattoos for children: rises the protective film, it places the tattoo in the chosen point and is covered with a wet cloth for about a minute. After gently removed the film, the design will be imprinted on the body perfectly with

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