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Comparing Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier: Bags vs. Box

steel car basket

When you finish installing a hitch mount cargo carrier, there is still one thing that you need to think. It’s about deciding whether you are going to use a bag or a box. Both of them can sustain many things, but which one is better and more effective? Find the answers below.

The Load Capacity

The first thing that surely will be debatable is the load capacity of bag and box. Comparing both of them at the same size, a bag is a little bit more effective than a box. It’s because the shape of most bags in the market is flexible than a box which is always shaped that way. It means that at the same size, you can put more things in a bag because it gives you more spaces from its flexibility.

The Weight

Comparing the weight of both carriers, a box is always heavier than a bag. In this case, it will be more beneficial if you use a bag since it has less weight. Reduce the weight as much as possible by using a light carrier if you plan to put lots of stuff on it. Unless you plan to put heavy load on the carrier, using box is still likely.

The Durability

It’s fair to say that a box is better than a bag for this factor, especially when you have a very long trip with extreme weather, a box is more durable. Using box is also safer when you are dealing with hard or unexpected road on the way of your trip. Use box if you are not really sure about the condition on the trip that you are going to have.

Using bag or box, it’s always about how you maintain them. Considering the comparisons above, it looks like using bag is a little bit more preferable. As long as you install it correctly, there will be no problem whether you use hitch mount cargo carrier bag or box.

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