How To Get The Industrial Style Into Your Home

How To Get The Industrial Style Into Your Home

A style, what industry, which originates from the practice of re-adapt and re-use for domestic purposes structures like those of the factory buildings originally designed as a space for industrial production, practice began in cities like New York and then spread in big cities around the world. The style that originated from this practice has therefore favors big spaces and high ceilings, and the highlighting of structures, piping and concrete girders as main decorative styles. With hindsight, the aesthetics of the industrial style has established itself as one of the typical modern styles, able to adapt to any type of space, from the largest to those less extensive than strictly domestic realities. In this Book of Ideas we will see together some of the salient features of the industrial style and its applications to the contemporary home.

A style that reveals the structures functionality and decoration

As mentioned, one of the main features of the industrial style is represented by highlighting the supporting structures of space, emphasizing the decorative and its functional value Typically it was plenty of space, with high ceilings, large windows, with the typical organization of large industrial halls. These stylistic elements, however, can also be exploited in smaller spaces. The central idea is that pipes and columns, beams and brick ceilings, iron or cement, are made visible and brought to the foreground. We can then, as we see in this image, paint with more or less brightly colored metal structures and walls.


Many old homes are characterized by niches and openings in the wall, sometimes placed at hard to reach heights why not take advantage to create a mezzanine – or perhaps we might even call it small balcony – to be used as a sitting area, or why not, as a small study, as we see in this fascinating metal proposal, perfect in combination with different furniture styles

study area

We love to read and have a real passion for books, but in our house there is no room for a library in the most Why do not we create a library loft with reading corner, as we see in this example proposed by Arch. BLUE LORENZETTO in this way we will obtain a flexible and compact structure but at the same time practical and functional.


We purchased loft with very high ceilings and seek ideas to leverage them We could take a cue from this proposal and create a loft full industrial style that exploits the metal beams or wood frame to be positioned even in the middle of the room, to outline the tasting point between two different environments.

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