Information on Leopard Geckos – Best Five Substrates to Use On Your Enclosure

If you’re the owner of a Leopard gecko you have to know more about the discussion that is excellent about deciding which is the substrate. There’s absolutely no clear cut response to this query, and is based on personal option.

Newspaper is a superb choice for a substrate for the gecko’s cage. Newspaper’s feel makes it more absorbent than other kinds of paper. This makes cleanup your Leo’s cage only that much more easy! Could you use paper? I would not suggest it, although you may. The ink on newspaper stomach causing aggravation and dry skin and will transfer to a pet’s toes. Where is it possible to get newspaper? This can be purchased from the regional newspaper as end rolls.


If you’re a “GREEN” person, this is going to be your very best choice in a substrate. Towels can be purchased inexpensively at stores like WalMart or Target. Not only are they inexpensive, they re-used to help save you money and then may be washed. When using a bath or kitchen towel keep both of these things in mind. Make sure in order for your Leopard gecko doesn’t get its mouth caught in the 22, that it’s tightly knitted. Make certain that you use a detergent, if any, when washing the towels not to irritate your gecko’s skin.


Cheap, simple to clean, and durable are the 3 words which best describe this substrate. Those aren’t the only reasons. Think about all the possibilities with the colours and kinds of tiles available.

The tiles is the glue. Since in the event that you use an under tank heater, the glue will release you will need to locate tiles which don’t have any glue.

2. This is a wonderful product. Simple to clean and comes in many different sizes are a few of its benefits. This product’s drawbacks are safety, and its price as it’s more costly than the other alternatives. You have to watch out and make sure your Leo isn’t currently getting its’ mouth stuck on the carpet fibers enjoy the towel.


This is my substrate. Hard, has mass, and natural. Employing slate tiles is a material that would be discovered in its environment. My geckos like to lie to remain warm. Another advantage is the can be employed to make other things that are creative and hides for your Leo to play with one.

Those are a few of the ones I have used through the years with my pets. If you believe sand remains the best substrate to use in your Leopard Gecko’s cage, then you need to read Myths of Sand Substrates since you may wish to learn why it may kill your Leo if you don’t! Learn more about Leopard Gecko Care

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