Romantic and Relaxing Pool In Your House

Romantic and Relaxing Pool In Your House

With regard to water-related ideas, a whirling example is made up of Jacuzzis. Why then do not install one in your little patio Simple, romantic, welcoming and, above all, very relaxing.

A swimming pool at L

Here’s another example of how, choosing the most appropriate templates, you can make the most of your small patio space. A L-shaped pool like this is perfect for occupying the entire surface intelligently, and if you add a small source as an integral part of the decorative elements, it may not have been more seductive.


Who says outdoor spaces need not be adequately decorated In fact, the customization of outdoor environments is strongly recommended to create an atmosphere of unique personality. This small patio, for example, cleverly spices the pool’s charm with a charming artistic decoration on the walls.

A beautiful panoramic view

The patios and the terraces are often places dedicated to the shop and therefore the choice of furniture can make a difference to show proper space utilization or, conversely, its poor living. Completing an outdoor area with a pool can therefore be a really winning idea.

Water everywhere

The size is important, but the charm of a small pool does not lie in its capacity alone. In this proposal, inserting a series of small fountains inside the pool is an unusual and attractive element that combines perfection with a fresh and full life project.

The quadrature of the circle

The key to getting the most from your small patio is to find the pool that best suits your needs. Achieving a balance between the plant itself and leaving a little space around to be used as a solarium or entertainment area is essential.Thanks to the ability to reflect the surrounding space, in fact, they open windows that open the walls to further dimensions and different perspectives.


Elegant and distinct

Modern, functional and extremely interesting this proposal is packed with evidence that it is a good idea to install a pool inside a small courtyard. The water surface is located between the entrance of the house and the adjacent wall and, to delimit, a wooden floor has been installed that gives the environment a very sophisticated character.

No details left to chance

Lights, plants and even a sunbathing area complement the design of this small patio with pool, the latest of our proposals to tackle the summer heat without leaving home. How do you feel

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