This reason Jazz Facelift in Indonesia Not Equipped with Honda Sensing Features

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has just refreshing hatchback -selling, Honda Jazz, so now the car that became the basis of the HR-V called the New Honda Jazz.

Still with GK body code, changes to the received competitor Toyota Yaris and Mazda2 including minimal. So no wonder Takehiro Watanabe, President Director of HPM call it a facelift this as merely “minor change”.

New Honda Jazz

Toyota 4runner 2018 New Design, What’s changed? You can check the complete change in our previous article on the following link.

Besides the look and fewer features, no additional safety fittings alias safety factor at all in the New Honda Jazz launched.

Safety Features Still the Same

Yup, still only two airbags in the front only. Brakes are already ABS and EBD, there’s even a BOS (Brake Override System) which automatically ignore the gas input when the brake and gas pedal at the same trampled. However, from the very simple, the rear brakes are still in use is still the same, namely the drum.

But we want to talk about something more advanced again, a feature active safety . When it was launched in Malaysia and Japan some time ago. New Honda Jazz facelift has received contemporary safety features to prevent something bad from happening as the Honda Sensing.

Honda Sensing contains things such as CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System) able to brake the car automatically. There RDM (Road Departure Mitigation System) which fix the steering wheel when the car is running out of lane.

As well as the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) that can regulate a constant speed on the highway. While following the vehicle in front and the speed of LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System).

Then, what is the reason advanced features over the absent in Indonesia?

“Honda Sensing indeed will work well when applied in a country that has been a regular streets. Because this safety feature uses sensors that detect the vehicle and the road in front of him, “said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & Aftersales Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor.

Is it true? Is not his direct competitors, the Mazda2 SKYACTIV GT variant, already have similar features with the name i-ACTIVSENSE?

Given the HPM steps that have been done when bringing its flagship sedan, the Honda Accord with a Honda Sensing, to Indonesia at a time when the IIMs (Indonesia International Motor Show) in 2016 ago. Unfortunately, the existence of this feature does not last long.

Because when the Accord facelift version released not long afterwards, the advanced features it back removed.

“We could take the existing Accord Honda Sensing, but after it was withdrawn because its most owners just shut down,” said Jonfis about why in the latest Accord is no longer Honda Sensing.

Less Infrastructure Support

Indeed, when taking into account the type of expensive Honda Indonesia alone did not have this expensive feature, quite alien if the type of center, Jazz, precisely there. Yes, if the party infrastructure HPM reasons not to blame, to retract this feature.

Being a huge dilemma bring highly advanced sound features for the auto ethusiast , but the ends are not used by consumers. Keep in mind, on the other hand, adding Honda Sensing will increase the selling price quite dramatically. Just look at the difference between the Mazda2 R and GT.

“Value and the gains by bringing Honda Sensing yet balanced. We already have the technology, if it is required by the community, will we spend, “concludes Jonfis.

All statements that brought the Japanese giant is indeed plausible. But when considering the Jazz is a hatchback -selling in Indonesia with sales exceeding 287 thousand units. Is it wrong if we expect something more from The King of Hatch this?

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