Where to Get Material for Container House Design

In order to create a nice container house design, you will need shipping container. This main material has several benefits. Besides having unique design, it is also well known for its strength. Such container is made out of reinforced steel. Therefore, it is able to withstand extreme environmental condition. Working with shipping container to create a house is also easily. House designers takes advantage of the modular design provided by it. This material is versatile when it comes to building material. It can be used for any house themes such as minimalist, modern, vintage, or retro. However, you might wonder where to get shipping containers that you can purchase.

If you live in Europe, you need to consider visiting Odessa, Ukraine. This county along with several former USSR countries are famous due to its containers market. In Odessa, there is a market called as Seventh-Kilometer Market. People who visit this place also called it as Tolchok. They are mostly coming to purchase shipping container to realize their container house design. This place has over a ten thousand of vendors selling shipping container in different specifications. Those containers are stacked over 69 hectares of the place available. More than thousands of people work here as maintenance workers and security guards.

Shipping container market is also available in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The containers sold in this market are stacked at double layers. Despite not as big as container market on Odessa, Ukraine, thousands of buyers come here to purchase container. They are mostly comes from either Russia or Kazakhstan. However, this market is open for other people for different countries as well. Alternatively, you can also look the material for container house design in at Christchurch, New Zealand. After the earthquake destroyed its commercial and business district, they build container market here. The prices offered here are competitive compared to other two markets previously mentioned.

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